Kirkus Reviews interview

‘I’m not at all interested in stitching it all up neatly for my readers. I like an engaged reader, and that’s the sort I write for: someone who wants the clues and wants to assemble their own answer.’ You can find Megan Labrise’s interview with Harriet here

Authorexposure Q&A

‘Journalism is about conveying information clearly and efficiently; but when I’m writing fiction I love the fact that you can allow the story to appear very gradually, incrementally, maybe at the far edge of the reader’s vision. There’s something so luxurious about that. The lack of hurry. The playfulness of it. My books are nothing without an alert, observant reader.’
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Chicago Tribune interview

‘Eventually reality overshadows the horror, but I know the horror is there. And I’m sure that has something to do with the sort of books that I write. There’s the surface, and then there’s something underneath. And it does feel very real to me, the scariness.’
Harriet discusses Her with Kevin Nance here