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harrietpicHarriet Lane’s debut Alys, Always was a   You Book Club choice, longlisted for the Authors’ Club Best First Novel Award and shortlisted for the Writers’ Guild Best Fiction Book award. Her second novel Her is out now, published by W&N. Little, Brown will publish Her in the US in 2015.


On lessons learned

‘Most of my classmates hated Observations (so boring!) but I loved them. I loved the discipline: the accumulation of detail and the curious heady pleasure of finding exactly the right word, the only word that would fit, like a key in a lock.’ More on Bookanista

On fear and fiction

‘Children ask, occasionally, but I don’t think an adult ever has. What do you see with that eye – the bad one? I say: well, you know when you go into a very dark room and shut the door and close your eyes? That. That’s what I see.

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